Your Hormones vs. Your Skin

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As we get older, our skin is the part of us that goes through the biggest visible change. We might be grateful to see the back of teenage acne. Nevertheless, then along come all the wrinkles… yep, it’s fair to say we’ll never be flawless. Most of the changes our skin endures are down to hormones. Both the ageing process and the ups and downs of our monthly cycles can lead to all sorts of skin issues. Moreover, as ever, it’s those of us with sensitive skin who suffer the most.

Due to hormones, there are some skin changes that most women will recognise from different life stages. Here are a few of them and along with a few tips to tackle them.

  1. PMT

    Before our periods, many of us feel like angsty teenagers again. Moreover, it’s not just mood swings causing this feeling. However, the affect those surging hormones have on our skin; namely, blocked pores and pimples.
    Cleansing with Neutral 0% Face Wash, specially developed for sensitive skin, will hydrate your grumpy face. Additionally, it will gently remove dirt and impurities. Now if only we could find a way to make our mood as calm and cool…
  2. Periods

    Monthly cycles really are a rollercoaster. Just when we’ve got to grips with the pre-menstrual pimples, our estrogen levels plummet and we have the opposite problem. Then, we have dry, dehydrated skin. Therefore, drinking lots of water (to wash down all the chocolate…) and moisturising regularly with Neutral 0% Face Cream should help your poor parched face retain all the moisture it can.
  3. Pregnancy

    Spiralling hormones and increased blood supply can cause skin to become even more sensitive during pregnancy. Furthermore, it comes along with all sorts of annoying itches and rashes popping up as your body blooms. Additionally, you might even find that products you’ve been using for years suddenly cause a reaction.

    If this is the case, trading in your usual goodies for a Neutral 0% Explore Bundle should help combat those flare-ups. Since the bundle features everything from face wash to laundry detergent, it will be kind to your face AND your bump.

    Many mums-to-be also experience darkening skin around their faces and bodies. This is known as chloasma, melisma or the eerie-sounding “mask of pregnancy”. It is down to the body producing extra melanin, the tanning hormone.

    The good news is, for the vast majority of women this is a temporary condition which will fade after the birth. In the meantime, it’s an opportunity to treat yourself to some new make-up…
  4. Menopause

    This is the biggie. The time in every woman’s life where skin changes forever – and probably not in a way you’ll welcome. Lowered production of oestrogen and progesterone can wreak havoc. Moreover, if your skin is already sensitive you could be in for a rough ride.

    The most noticeable outcome is dry skin, which is down to the thinning of the epidermis. However, you can put up a good fight by ensuring you moisturise day and night (and maybe even in-between…) with Neutral 0% Face Cream. The 50ml tube is perfect for popping in your handbag so that you can feel soft and hydrated on the move. Furthermore, you are safe in the knowledge that it’s specially designed to reduce the risk of inflammation or irritation.

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