Winter Hand Care Tips

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Now that the winter chill has set in for the season, our skin needs special protection and care, especially the skin on our hands! Your hands are one of the main parts of your body that is exposed to the elements from frost and wind to central heating inside our homes. Consequently, our hands need special protection. Hence, here are five winter hand care tips on how to best care for your hands during the winter season. Even if you do not tend to have dry or irritated skin, you should take special care of your hands during winter..

Protect your hands

The first winter hand care tip sounds simple and it is! Use gloves to protect the thin skin of your hands when you go outside. By doing so, you can keep your hands warm and also protect them from the cold winter air.

Humidify the air inside

When it gets cold, everyone cranks up the central heating to stay warm. However, the heated air lacks humidity and can cause dry skin. Therefore, consider buying a humidifier to add moisture back into the air and helping reduce skin dryness.

Take care when washing your hands

By washing your hands frequently and thoroughly, you can prevent infections. However, using a harsh soap can strip the skin of its natural moisturisers. Instead use lukewarm water and clean your hands with a skin-friendly liquid soap, such as Neutral 0% Hand Wash. It is a gentle formula that is kind to sensitive skin and a good winter hand care tip.

Moisturise your hands

Another winter hand care tip is to use a moisturising cream several times a day to give your hands the extra care it often needs during winter. You can use a gentle cream, such as the Neutral 0% Hand Cream. Our hand cream is dermatologically tested and contains the necessary moisturising ingredients while contain 0% of unnecessary ingredients like colourants and perfumes.

Apply At Night

Another helpful winter hand care tip is to apply hand cream just before you go to bed. This allows the cream to sink in and work throughout the night. Think about how often you wash your hands during the day, at night your sleep allows for uninterrupted moisturizing. Additionally, you can also sleep with light cotton gloves to help seal in the moisture further.

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