Three Easy Ways To Care For Sensitive Skin When You’re A Busy New Mum

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When you become a mum, it’s hard to find time to finish a cup of tea, let alone look after yourself properly. You’re a busy new mum lovingly massaging your baby’s bottom with nappy cream that your own skin can get seriously neglected.

The trouble is, if you’ve got sensitive skin, you need to look after it. We know you don’t have time for a full skincare routine as you become a busy new mum. Therefore, we’ve found a few sneaky shortcuts to keep your skin as calm as possible when the rest of your life is anything but…

  1. Switch Detergents

    Your laundry pile might have quadrupled overnight. How can someone so small create so much extra housework? But it’s not just all those teeny sleepsuits and multiplying baby socks that need extra TLC – your clothes deserve to be soft and fresh too. The solution? Just bung everything in with products from the Neutral 0% laundry range (your choice of detergents, powders and fabric conditioners). Your clothes will be luxuriously soft but without unnecessary chemicals that can aggravate sensitive skin.
  2. Keep Wipes By The Bed

    Keep Wipes By The Bed You’re just flopping down in bed after a long day caring for your little one (and possibly facing a long night ahead with them too…) when you remember you haven’t washed your face. It’s an easy mistake to make when you’re sleep-deprived and frantically busy.

    We don’t blame you if you can’t face getting out of bed for the full cleanse, tone and moisturise routine but keeping a stash of Neutral 0% face wipes on your bedside table is the perfect short-cut. It’s a fast, easy and effective way to remove makeup, dirt and impurities and leave your skin feeling clean and refreshed before you nod off… or get woken by the baby. Again.
  3. Bath With Your Baby

    Long, indulgent showers might be a thing of the past but there’s a simple way to stay clean when you have a little one: jump in the bath with them! Not only is it the perfect bonding experience, but you can borrow their Neutral 0% bath products which are gentle enough for everyday use and specially designed to reduce the risk of skin irritation and skin allergic reactions. They might let you play with the squirty bath toys too…

For all you new mums, we hope our tips help you and your sensitive skin. And just remember, keep going, you’re doing a great job!

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