The Importance of Tonic In Your Skincare Routine

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Every women knows how important it is to remove make-up at night in order to reduce the risk of spots and blemishes and to keep a healthy and clean facial appearance. Therefore, most women have incorporated cleansing and moisturising in their daily skin care routine. However, many women do not know how important it is to additionally apply a tonic between cleansing and moisturising. Here are 3 reasons why:

pH Level

A skin tonic not only removes impurities that had been missed during cleansing, but applying a gentle facial toner, such as Neutral 0% Skin Tonic, also works as a mild astringent. The pH of it helps to close your facial pores, allowing less dirt and toxins to penetrate into your skin helping to reduce the risk of breakouts and helping your skin to feel fresher and less oily.


Every day, your skin is exposed to many environmental toxins, such as exhaust gases and other chemicals. Skin tonics remove these residues and thereby help your skin to look brighter.


Neutral 0% Skin Tonic contains moisturising ingredients, such as glycerin and pro-vitamin B5. It also helps facilitate the absorption of face cream into your skin. This plays a pivotal role in maintaining your skins elasticity and smoothness. Additionally, hydration after cleansing reduces the signs of ageing skin and provides an effective base for the application of make-up.

So now you know, don’t forget to add a tonic application step into your skincare routine today!

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