Skin Detox: How To Put Festive Over-Indulgence Behind You

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Between office Christmas dos, family gatherings and indulgent nights out just for the hell of it, the festive party season can take its toll on your body – especially your skin, leaving you feeling in need of a skin detox, or ‘skintox’.

The combination of decadent foods, alcohol and the harshness of the winter weather are brutal on everyone. But especially for those of us who already suffer from sensitive skin. However, there are a few easy ways to have you facing the new year looking and feeling fresher. Read on and prepare to glow with our skin detox tips…


If you’ve let your usual skincare routine slide because you’ve been just too busy, now’s the time to undo the damage. Go make-up free for a few days, and use Neutral 0% Face Wash and Face Tonic twice daily to remove hidden dirt, clean pores and help ward off breakouts. You can start the new year with a face that looks and feels cleansed and refreshed and a resolution to look after your skin.


Hydration is important for skin detox. However, we bet you haven’t been swigging nearly enough water over the festive season. We find that using a refillable drinking bottle and carrying it everywhere makes us keep sipping throughout the day. So why not treat yourself to a stylish one as a belated Christmas gift to yourself? Go for a non-toxic, odourless reusable flask which also looks cool and is much less likely to leak in your bag and drown your phone…


Nobody goes out much in January. Hence, it’s a great opportunity to spend time at home looking after yourself without feeling like you’re missing out. Therefore, treat yourself to a Neutral 0% Winter Skin Bundle which contains everything you need. The bundle is perfect for skin detox. It includes face wash, shower gel and hand cream, to give your tired skin the pick-me-up it needs.


Lots of people give up alcohol in January – either for health reasons, financial reasons or the fact that it’s just too cold to go to the pub. If you don’t fancy going fully cold turkey, cutting your drinking down to a couple of glasses of wine will give your body a little break and is perfect for skin detox. Remember, your eyes might be the window to your soul. However, your skin is a reflection of what’s going on inside your body. Hence, alcohol is one of the most obvious offenders.


One of the best skin detox tips to brighten up your complexion is pretty simple. However, something you may have been deprived of during the hedonistic daze of December – good old sleep. You might enter the new year feeling tired, gloomy and short of cash. Consequently, getting a few extra zzzz’s in costs nothing and will have you looking and feeling refreshed in no time. Sweet dreams!

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