Sensitive Skin Care Tips

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We’ve pulled together some sensitive skin care tips to help you look after you and your family’s sensitive skin.

Knowing what you can and can’t do when you have sensitive skin is hard work so have a read of our tips to help manage your skincare issues:

  1. Rinse soap off thoroughly

    Rinse off all the soap after bathing or washing to remove all soap residues on your skin as this could cause a reaction.
  2. After bathing

    Apply a moisturiser to your skin immediately after bathing to help the skin retain moisture.
  3. Exfoliate your skin

    The skin has multiple layers. The outer layer is a layer of dead cells; this is called the stratum corneum. It is important to exfoliate the skin, to help prevent pores getting blocked which can lead to blemishes and to allow products and lotions to be absorbed into the skin properly.
  4. Eat Well

    A balanced diet will keep your body and your skin healthy.
  5. No colour or perfume

    If you suffer from sensitive skin, avoid using products with colourants and/or perfume – natural as well as synthetic perfumes, as they may also cause skin irritation. All Neutral 0% products are certified in cooperation with the Danish Asthma and Allergy Association, free of colourants and perfumes and have a low risk of causing skin irritation.
  6. Cleanse your skin

    Remove make-up and cleanse your face every morning and evening. Complete the cleansing ritual by applying a soothing face cream.
  7. Avoid long baths

    Try to avoid taking long, warm baths or showers as the hot water can dry out your skin. Dehydrated skin can be one of first steps towards sensitive skin.
  8. Dab-dry your body

    Dab-dry your body after bathing rather than rubbing it with the towel. This ensures your skin isn’t unnecessarily irritated. Also try to apply moisturiser after every bath or shower, this will help to keep your skin hydrated which is key for sensitive skin care.

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