Read Stacey’s Neutral 0% Story About How It Helped Her Little Boy

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Stacey reached out to us to tell her story and share her experiences with Neutral. We love hearing stories like this and wanted to share it with everyone.

Stacey’s little boy Callum has suffered from atopic eczema since he was born. All the professionals she went to said that it was baby eczema and that it would go away within a week or so. In the meantime, they suggested using a moisturiser and not using bath products. After 2-3 months it continued and his skin was getting worse. They went to the doctor and were prescribed a steroid cream. It helped to clear up his eczema until she stopped using it. Five days later, it flared up again badly.

Six months went by and the doctors were still prescribing a steroid cream. Stacey was again told that the little lad would grow out of baby eczema soon. The doctor gave her different moisturisers to use. “None of it helped, I was so upset and frustrated that there was nothing I could do for my little lad. Even after being referred to a dermatologist nothing was working to help Callum’s skin. They did allergy tests to see if that would help solve the mystery but nothing new came back.

One day his skin was so bad, I had to take him to the hospital. His eczema got infected! I was heart broken about this. Nothing was helping at all! I was putting Callum in the shower at 3am, just to relieve the itch!

16 months later, Stacey and Callum first tried Neutral 0% Intensive Repair Cream after hearing about it from a friend.

I used it for 2 weeks and his eczema cleared within a matter of days! He still has it in his creases but nowhere near as bad as it was! Me and Callum’s Dad are so happy with the results, I can’t even tell you. We don’t have an irritable, upset, itchy boy anymore. We have a very happy boy. I wish I knew about your company sooner and we have had a happy boy a long time ago!

Receiving stories like this makes us so happy! We want to help everyone suffering from skin irritations and skin allergic reactions. If you have a story about how Neutral has helped you or our family we would love to hear it!

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