Post Work-Out Skincare Tips

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How are those new year’s resolutions going? If you’re sticking to your commitment to exercise more, well done you – but are you looking after your skin at the same time? All that huffing and puffing on the treadmill might be working wonders on your waistline, but while sweating is a great mini-detox for your skin, it can also wreak havoc – especially if you’re prone to dryness, redness and break-outs. Here are our post work-out skincare tips how to leave the gym knowing you’ve been kind to your body AND skin…

  1. Start with a clean slate

    The first post work-out skincare tip is actually a simple step you can take BEFORE working out. It will help minimise break-outs. Make sure you give gym equipment a quick wipedown with anti-bac wipes before you start your session. So that you don’t transfer other people’s sweat and bacteria onto your own skin.
  2. Hands off!

    During and after your work-out, when your face is dripping with sweat (we prefer to think of it as glowing…), don’t wipe it with your hands. Gently patting your skin with a towel is much more hygienic and it will benefit your post-workout skincare.
  3. Get naked quick

    Here comes the third post work-out skincare tip. When you’ve finished your work-out, strip off as soon as possible (we’d suggest making it to the changing rooms first though…). Your pores will struggle to breathe when they’re covered by hot, sticky gym clothes.
  4. Keep your cool

    A short lukewarm shower is the best option after exercising, since hot water can strip your skin of its natural oils. Use Neutral 0% Shower Gel to wash away all that dirt, oil and impurities while being gentle on sensitive skin.
  5. Enjoy some facetime

    Since it’s your body that’s quivering like jelly, your face can easily be forgotten while you cool down. Big mistake! For your post work-out skincare, use a gentle cleanser like Neutral 0% Face Wash. It will gently clean without drying out your worn-out face and reduce the risk of inflammation. It’s best to steer clear of moisturiser and other products until you get home, as overloading your hot hot face with products could cause redness. Exfoliating products are the biggest no-no after exerting yourself – they can dehydrate your skin and exacerbate existing issues with eczema and acne. Remember, your face is just as tired as your legs – be gentle.
  6. Drink, drink and drink some more

    Our last post work-out skincare tip is simple, but effective. Sure, you swigged a load of water while you were working out, but it’s just as important to keep quaffing water while you wind down too. Your body loses a lot of moisture in the sweaty confines of the gym (the air-conditioning doesn’t help either), and we all know how harsh that can be on skin, so before you head home, take advantage of that drinking fountain and give your bottle a top-up.

Keep up your exercise and skin care resolutions, you’re doing great!

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