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Let’s face it, it’s just not the time of year for going out on the town. It’s freezing outside, we’re paying off our Christmas debts (both financially AND in terms of calorie consumption) and all we want to do is snuggle. The good news is, snuggling is suddenly more fashionable than it’s ever been thanks to the rise of hygge, the trend from Denmark – which also happens to be the birthplace of Neutral 0% – that’s all about taking pleasure from home comforts, spending time with loved ones and indulging your senses.

So, rip up your social diary and propose a hygge night in with your partner, a group of friends or just take the opportunity for some much-needed me-time. Here are the crucial ingredients for a hygge night in, with an emphasis on treating yourself – at this harsh time of year, you deserve it more than ever…


Hygge is all about being cosy and comfy, so dig out your warmest, fluffiest pyjamas and your most cherished blanket. They’ll feel even cosier if you treat them to some Neutral 0% Fabric Conditioner, which is soft and gentle on sensitive skin – just what you need if you’ve been ravaged by wind, rain and snow. If you’re inviting friends over, impose a strict PJs only dress code. You could even provide fluffy slippers!


It might be January, but that doesn’t mean you have to resist all indulgence. You don’t need a special occasion to open that really good bottle of wine that’s been gathering dust in the back of the cupboard, or to tuck into the chocolates you’ve been saving for no apparent reason. A little bit of what you fancy does you good – and during the most depressing month of the year, you need to be kind to yourself.


Harsh lighting will kill your hygge vibe, so switch off and light some candles instead. They needn’t be the expensive designer variety either – since we’re embracing all things Scandi, cheap scented tealights from IKEA or Tiger will do the job. Not only will they create a cosy, twinkly ambience, but everyone looks gorgeous by candelight, no matter how much you over-indulged at Christmas…


Those trendy boxset dramas can wait (yes, even the really intellectual Danish ones…) – if you want to watch a schmaltzy rom-com or listen to cheesy pop, just do it. Hygge is all about simple pleasures, after all. If you’ve invited friends over, ask them each to bring along a playlist or DVD that will make you laugh or cry (in a good way…).


When you’re feeling relaxed and don’t plan on leaving the house all evening… or indeed all weekend… it’s the perfect time for pampering. The Neutral 0% Winter Skin Bundle contains hand cream, intensive repair cream and other goodies that will have sensitive skin feeling refreshed and nourished after a harsh day out and about. Just don’t drop your glass of wine because your hands are all slippery!

We hope you enjoy creating your ultimate #hygge night in, share your experiences with us over on Facebook @NeutralUK, Twitter @Neutral_Skin or Instagram @Neutral.Skin.

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