Newborn and Baby Hacks For Parents

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Babies are blessings and their little smiles tug at our heartstrings. But let’s face reality – life with a baby is also tough and stressful. Hence, it’s a full-time job on top of everything else in your life. To help make life a bit easier with your little one here are some baby hacks and tips. We know every little bit helps when you have a baby at home!

  1. Bib at your finger tip

    The first baby hack is to place a hook on the back of your baby’s high chair. As a result, you have a bib at your fingertips whenever you are desperately looking for one.
  2. Safety is key

    Secondly, you can avoid jammed fingers in doors by cutting up bits of pool noodles. Cut the noodle vertically and then secure it between the door frame and door. This will ensure no little fingers get caught, but will also mean your doors will never fully be shut.
  3. Keep track of things

    Wash little baby socks in a mesh laundry bag to avoid losing them in the machine. Neutral 0% Liquid Laundry Detergent is great for washing baby clothes. It is gentle for baby’s sensitive skin while still being powerful enough to remove stains and dirt.
  4. Cheap and Effective

    Another baby hack saves your baby from unnecessary bumps by making your own DIY toddler slipper grips with a hot glue gun. Place drops of the hot glue on their socks and then let dry, voilà ready made grips!
  5. Hygiene on-the-go

    Keep baby dummies clean when you are on-the-go by storing them in little closable cups. In addition, pop a few in your change bag so you are always prepared.
  6. Avoid a mess

    During a dirty nappy situation, pull the playsuit DOWN off your baby instead of over his head. Consequently, you can avoid a mess. Most playsuit neck areas are loose enough to ensure you can slide the suit down off their arms and tummy. And for any unstoppable mess, have your trusty baby wipes to hand!
  7. Be prepared

    Always put a new nappy underneath your baby before opening the dirty one. Thus, changing your baby’s nappy can be faster and less messy.
  8. Think outside the box

    An inflatable outdoor pool is not just something for summer. Accordingly, it is also a great baby hack, as you can also use it inside without water! It’s a cheap, safe and bouncy way to contain an active baby. Moreover you can ensure you are still always in sight on him or her.
  9. Make the best out of it

    One last baby hack for you – wash and save empty baby food jars for storage. They are the perfect size for spices and herbs or even toddler on-the-go snacks like crackers and pieces of fruits.

We hope this helps you with your little one(s), if you’ve got any other tips you’d like to share with our community then head over to see us on Facebook @NeutralUK, Twitter @Neutral_Skin or Instagram @Neutral.Skin.

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