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Hate it or love it, laundry will always be a constant in everyone’s life. From doing the washing for one to managing a household with a number of messy kids, your laundry needs will vary throughout your life. To help make it less of a chore here are some of our favourite laundry hacks for making the washing a little bit easier.

Laundry Bags

These bags are our secret weapon for washing all sorts of things. Use them to protect your delicate clothing items like lingerie. Or keep tabs on all your socks and never end up with single ones again by placing all of them in laundry bags. Lastly the bags are perfect for washing your child’s blanket or stuffed animals. Try Neutral 0% Liquid Detergent for all your washing needs. With no unnecessary perfumes or colourants it is perfect for sensitive skin and gentle on all your clothes while banishing dirt and removing stains.


Save time on laundry day by pre-sorting your clothes as you take them off. In your laundry room or wherever you store your washing create two or three smaller laundry baskets – whites, darks and special. Then as your clothing is in need of a wash, place it in the respective basket. When one or two get full it is time to do a load of washing!

Drying things faster

One of our favourite laundry hacks… In a rush and trying to get your clothes dry quickly? Throw a dry fluffy towel in the dryer to absorb some of the excess water from your clothes after washing them. Leave it in for around 15 minutes, then take it out and let the rest of your clothes continue drying

Try a Fabric Conditioner

Also known as Fabric Softener some people overlook the benefits it can have to keep your clothing fresh and protecting it from wear & tear. Fabric conditioners not only prevent static electricity in your clothes but also help condition each fibre of your clothing leaving it nice and soft. Neutral has a 0% Fabric Conditioner that is specially designed for sensitive skin. It is dermatologically tested to be gentle on your skin.

Decoding the Washing Instructions

It can be confusing with the different washing symbols and instructions on all your garments. For a handy reference – check out this article on Cleanipedia for a full breakdown.

Stain Removal

Don’t let a stain ruin your day with these laundry hacks. If you act fast most stains can easily be removed with a few key actions. For fruit stains quickly run them under cold water to get as much of the colour out as you can. Pre-treat the garment with your normal laundry detergent or a stain remover. Next place the item in the washer and launder as you would normally do. If your stain is on a white piece of clothing, adding bleach, vinegar or lemon can help boost your cleaning and remove the stain.


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