Keeping Your Clothes Fresh In Winter

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Keeping your clothes fresh during winter can be difficult. All your winter woollies have just been stored away and are musty, and it’s much harder to air dry your clothes outdoors for that fresh outdoorsy smell. Follow our simple tips and you’ll soon have fresh clothes all year round!

Plan ahead

OK, so this isn’t going to help you much now but, when we’re through this misery and into spring, and the time comes for you to stash your winter clothes away and spend the next few months in a bikini (or at least a t-shirt… OK, and maybe a hoodie), storing them properly will keep them fresh for next winter.

Lidded plastic boxes (you know, the type that random bargain basement shops have piles off) are the best way to fight off the dreaded mustiness that can build up over time. You can even pop in some lavender bags too for added freshness/granny chic.

Act Quickly

If you have little kids, or indeed a dog, you’ll spend a lot of time outside in winter, whatever the weather. Walks in the woods, early morning football sessions in the park and festive trips to the pop-up ice rink are all great fun, but they can be a messy business too.

After a day out in the elements, toss your whole family’s mud, rain and grass-stained clothes in the machine with Neutral 0% Colour Liquid Laundry Detergent. It will keep them radiant, while still being kind to skin, which is more important than ever when it’s cold, since sensitive skin is more prone to flare-ups. How you clean the dog up is a different matter…

Start using fabric conditioner

If you don’t always use fabric conditioner, winter is a great time to start. Not only will Neutral 0% Fabric Conditioner help keep your clothes fresh, it will also reduce static electricity; yet another pitfall of winter, thanks to all the thick, often manmade, fabrics you’ll be wearing. Your chilly body and dried out, weather-battered winter skin will appreciate the added softness – a little bit of luxury when you’re feeling run-down.

Don’t be lazy

Probably the biggest cause of clothing ickiness is something we’re all guilty of from time to time – leaving damp clothes festering in the washing machine for too long. You can get away with it in the summer months, when it’s pleasant enough to hang your laundry outside (there’s nothing like fresh air to blitz odours), but for the rest of the year it’s a big no-no.

We always leave the empty washing basket in front of the machine while running a cycle so that we’re forced to trip over it every time we walk past until we empty the thing. If your washing machine’s tucked out of the way, though, consider setting a reminder on your phone. Otherwise you’ll just end up washing the whole load again – nooo!

Dry Them Properly

If you don’t have a tumble-dryer, or simply prefer to hang clothes to avoid shrinkage, you’ll know how the dank air of winter can scupper freshness, no matter how efficient you are at taking them out of the machine.

It’s a health risk too – the mould that builds up can aggravate existing allergies and even cause illnesses like bronchitis and sinusitis. Hanging your damp laundry on heated airers and radiators can speed the drying process up, but can also exacerbate the mould issue, so always dry clothes in a well-ventilated room, and definitely not one that anyone sleeps in.

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