Ironing Hacks and Tips

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How many people list ironing as their favourite household task? Probably no one! It’s a necessary evil to make your clothes look good after washing.

However, it usually gets delayed until it finally has to get done. To help make it less painful here are some ironing hacks and tricks we use when it comes to ironing.

Preparation is King

The first of our ironing hacks sounds simple, but preparation is important for best results. First of all, ensure you check the labels on your clothes to find out the appropriate ironing instructions. Hence, select the appropriate setting on your iron. Additionally, make sure your ironing board is at the right height, otherwise it might lead to back pain. Your back should be straight and your shoulders should be relaxed while ironing. One of the mistakes some people make is to start ironing before the iron has fully warmed up. This leads to unnecessary wrinkles and can make ironing more difficult. Moreover, the perfect time to iron your clothes is when they are still slightly damp.

Do Ironing Right

After you have finished prepping your clothes, the real work begins. And here comes our next ironing hack. Keep in mind that circular strokes might stretch the fabric. Therefore, iron lengthwise and eliminate wrinkles by blasting the area with steam. Additionally, place a piece of cardboard inside your clothes to keep the front and back separated. This helps to protect your clothes from wrinkling on the other side. To best protect delicate clothes, iron them inside out or with a clean cotton cloth. Fold your laundry after ironing, but give them a few minutes to cool down first.

Did you know that …

… Using a fabric conditioner makes ironing easier and therefore is a good ironing hack. Soft fabrics wrinkle less or not at all, making ironing more carefree. Try the Neutral 0% Fabric Conditioner, which is formulated specifically for sensitive skin.

… Your hair straightener can serve as a good ironing hack. You can use it to get rid of small wrinkles for a quick fix before going out. Your blow dryer can also be used for a quick touch up. But be careful with the heat setting and avoid high temperature. Furthermore, keep it a good distance from the area you want wrinkle free. Do not use them on delicate clothes and always check the instructions on the label.

… Sun and air can perfectly replace the iron and are a good ironing hack. Lightly spray your clothes with water and hang them outside for an hour. As they dry, the wrinkles will naturally disappear.

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