How can you be KIND to yourself?

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Kind Organic’s easy, healthy tips for your body and mind

As women, we naturally care for others first and often put family, friends and partners before ourselves. It is so important to take time for yourself, to nurture and care for your body, mind and soul everyday.

Kind Organic was founded to help you be kind to you, and alongside our range of pure feminine care products, we’re keen to show how easy it is to #BeKindToYou!

Our easy, healthy #BeKindToYou tips are designed to promote positivity for your body, mind and soul. By placing the focus on yourself, you can improve your mood, health and wellbeing.

Include some of these health hacks into your daily routine to top up with a much deserved boost of kindness to you!

  1. Keep hydrated

    Make your creative mark on your water bottle and write motivational quotes to inspire you to reach your hydration goal. Health professionals recommend drinking 6 to 8 glasses of water a day to flush out toxins and keep us hydrated.
  2. Workout your other side

    Give your motor functions a workout by using your non-dominant hand to improve brain function. Try writing notes, reaching for objects or even texting with your less used hand.
  3. Power to your pelvic floor

    Give your pelvic floor muscles a work out every time you sit at traffic lights. Just 5 minutes a day can lead to better core strength, bladder control, and yes, even better sex.
  4. Commit to a deskercise routine:

    Use the time spent at your desk to exercise, focusing on one area everyday to maximise impact. Try strengthening your abs and relieving tired leg muscles by keeping your feet flat on the floor, sitting tall at your desk and holding those ab muscles tight. Extend one leg until level with your hip and hold for ten seconds before lowering back to the floor. Repeat for 15 times before switching to your other leg. Work can literally be good for you!
  5. Fresh night air

    Be brave and sleep with your window open! A cooler bedroom can help to increase your metabolic rate and burn fat, whilst the lower temperatures are great for promoting an inner sense of calm and easier breathing.
  6. Digital detox

    With so many of our everyday tasks dominated by technology, a digital detox can help reconnect you to the real world! Aim to disconnect your technology for an hour everyday, using the time for yourself to read a new book, take a walk or simply treat yourself to an invigorating power nap.

By making small, healthy focused changes, you’ll be kind to yourself and positively impact your body’s health and wellbeing.
We’re keen to hear how you are KIND to yourself and any health hacks you do to keep your mind and body active.
Share your tip with us using the #BeKindToYou hashtag and we’ll spotlight our favourites on our social media channels.

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