Holiday Skincare Tips: Winter Sun

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Jetting off for some winter sun? You lucky thing, can we come?

OK, so you might not have room for us in your suitcase. However, holiday skincare is really important so you should be able to squeeze in some Neutral 0% products to keep your skin in good condition. But it’s not just a case of protecting yourself from the winter sun’s UV rays. There are a few other potential issues to look out for too for your holiday skincare…

  1. Flying Doesn't have to be Drying

    In theory, flying long-haul is a glamorous experience. In theory. In reality, you might find yourself getting off the plane at your exotic destination feeling like a crumpled paper bag. The weird oppressive air inside cabins can be brutal – especially if you have sensitive skin.

    Make sure you consider your pre holiday skincare. Top up regularly with Neutral 0% Face Cream – they’re both small enough to pop in your hand luggage, and they’re both specially formulated to hydrate and refresh sensitive skin that’s prone to dryness.
  2. Sun, Sea, Sand...Sensitive Skin

    Following months of wrapping up warm in the miserable British winter, the hot sunshine at your destination of choice will be a shock to the system – oh, you poor creature! It goes without saying that you should wear sun cream with an appropriate SPF level for your skin, but the sun isn’t the only enemy to sensitive skin – sea water and chlorine can also irritate After a long, exhausting day occasionally dipping in the pool between cocktails, shower off with a bottle of Neutral 0% Shower Gel. The luxurious lather effectively sweeps away dirt, oil and impurities and is specially designed to reduce the risk of skin irritation and skin allergic reactions. You can head out for dinner feeling clean and calm before doing it all over again the next day…
  3. Say no to a fortnight in grease

    You want to look your best in your holiday photos, but your face feels like a greasy mess. The build up of sun cream on your skin, plus the fact that you’re sweating more (not to mention enjoying all that exotic food… and drink) can cause break-outs to your skin on holiday.

    Pack some Neutral 0% Face Wash to cleanse your poor pores from dirt and impurities after a day in the sun and, after a night out, make sure you take off your make-up with Neutral 0% Face Wipes which are far more gentle on your skin than that tasty local digestif was on your liver…

Wherever you’re headed, we hope you have a great holiday and don’t forget to drink plenty of water and reapply sun cream throughout the day! Share your holiday snaps with us on Instagram @Neutral.Skin, Facebook @NeutralUK or on Twitter @Neutral_Skin

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