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Many of us spend days spring-cleaning our houses. We are energised by a little bit of sunshine and make plans to smarten up for a sociable season ahead. But it’s not just our homes which can benefit from a springtime relaunch. Spring is also a great time to overhaul our skincare regime.

Apart from the lucky few who managed to jet off for some winter sun at some point over the past few months, most people come into spring feeling a little bit pale and pasty. Furthermore, we often have sensitive skin, perhaps ruddy-cheeked, dry, flaky and generally weather-beaten. Our poor faces and bodies haven’t seen proper sunshine for up to six months. Suddenly it’s too warm to hide behind big coats, tights and hats – aargh! However, taking care of your skin will make you feel more confident to enjoy the sunny (with rainy intervals…) season ahead. In fact, it might even put a spring in your step.

  1. Set the tone

    If you’ve been lazy with your skin over winter (and who can blame you?), spring is the time to start looking after it properly. Regularly using a toner like Neutral 0% Skin Tonic is a good habit to get into. As well as being gentle on sensitive skin, it will minimize the look of pores and leave your skin feeling cleansed and refreshed. This makes applying further skin products (such as Neutral 0% Face Cream) and makeup a much smoother experience.

    If the winter weather has been harsh on any sensitive problem areas, such as hands or elbows, Neutral 0% Intensive Repair Cream will deliver respite to any particularly dry, cracked patches of skin. It will leave your body feeling nourished and touchably soft. This is just what you need if you’re about to brave short sleeves (or short shorts!) for the first time in months.

    A new season means new clothes – or at least digging out your old ones from previous seasons. We’d always recommend washing any clothes you haven’t worn for a while in Neutral 0% laundry products. They may have gone musty and gathered dust over the winter months, which can irritate sensitive skin – and a blotchy rash is the last thing you need when you’re venturing out into the sunshine for the first time in ages…

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