Family Autumn Activities

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With Halloween over and Christmas decorations already starting to appear in stores you may think it is almost winter! But hold fast, there is still over a month of autumn left to enjoy. To help make the most of the season here are some ideas of outdoor family autumn activities, and they’re all free activities with the kids! So grab your coats and head outdoors to enjoy some fresh air. Getting outside is a great way to get the kids active and help them burn off some of that extra energy.

Play in the Leaves

The classic , and you can also get a chore done by raking the leaves in your front or back garden at the same time. Don’t have a garden? There are plenty of parks full of leaves at this time of year. For the best time to play, try to go on a day when it hasn’t rained recently to ensure the leaves are nice and crisp. A fun game to play with your kids could be challenging them to create the biggest pile of leaves. Once they each have their piles let them jump in and roll around in the leaves. Throw the leaves up in the air letting them rain down on your kids, this will be sure to put a big smile on your little ones face! And don’t fret about getting muddy and messy, Neutral 0% Liquid Laundry Detergents will be ready to clean all your family’s clothes after a hard day of play.

Get Crafty

Autumn sees leaves changing colour and falling from the trees, presenting a perfect opportunity for some crafts for kids. The possibilities are endless for family autumn activities! One craft idea is creating leaf rubbings. Gather up some leaves and place them under a piece of paper. Using a crayon on its side, rub it all over the leaves create a beautiful print design. Another idea if you have some paint lying around is to use the leaves as stencils or paint the leaves to create homemade decorations. If you feel like getting a bit messy try using the leaves for decoupage, stick them on jars, tiles or other household items. Whatever crafts you get up to, just make sure the leaves are nice and dry before you start. Once you finish your autumn crafts everyone can wash their hands with Neutral 0% Hand Wash leaving your hands soft and clean.


We would love to see what fun family autumn activities you get up to. Share you pictures or more fun ideas with us on our Facebook Page.

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