Clothes Washing Tips For Sensitive Skin Sufferers

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Clothes washing can be a nightmare if you or your family suffer from sensitive skin.

Sometimes you don’t even realise it’s the way you wash your clothes which is causing skin irritation. Neutral 0% are here to help you and save your skin and clothes:

Q. How much detergent should I use?

A. Using too much washing detergent can be harmful to the environment, and any soap residue left on your clothes can trigger a skin reaction. The correct dosage depends on the water hardness which can be found out through local water suppliers, for example Thames Water or Southern Water, by postcode.


Q. Can I wear my new clothes straight away?

A. If you wash new clothes before wearing, you can avoid triggering a skin reaction and skin discomfort caused by colourant residue or other remains from the manufacturing process.


Q. How do I ensure all detergent is removed during my clothes washing?

A. If you have sensitive skin and irritable skin, try setting your washing machine to an extra rinse – most machines have this option. This helps to remove most soap residue from your clothes to avoid skin irritation.


Q. What temperature should I do my clothes washing at?

A. Lower washing temperatures will not only save money but also reduce the impact on the environment. Washing at 30 degrees leaves your clothes as clean as higher temperatures. Remember, however, that 60 degrees is required for underwear, bedding, towels, dishcloths, etc. to fully remove bacteria.


Q. What kind of detergent should I use?

A. Consider using detergent without colouring and perfume as this helps reduce the risk of skin irritation.


Q. How regularly should I wash my bedding?

A. Wash your bed linen and the children’s soft toys at 60 degrees at least every 2 weeks to remove as many bacteria and dust mites as possible.


Q. Should I use fabric conditioner?

A. Fabric conditioners prevent static electricity, add a nice softness and make ironing easier. However, if your clothes feel ‘greasy’ following washing, you probably used too much fabric conditioner. Too much fabric conditioner creates a film and makes the clothes feel greasy. Try washing the clothes again and use less fabric conditioner to avoid this problem.


Q. How can I get fresh smelling clothes without using perfumed products?

A. Hang your clothes to dry outside in windy weather if possible, your clothes will be filled with natural, fresh scent. Also, clothes left outside to dry will become softer than clothes dried indoors.

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