Christmas And Festive Season Skincare Survival Tips

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There’s a reason why Father Christmas keeps most of his face covered with a big bushy beard – winter can wreak havoc with your skin – and even he needs some festive season skincare help! Even if you commute via train or car rather than sleigh, the harsh weather can cause ruddy cheeks, chapped lips and general unpleasantness.

Add to that the fact that you’re probably eating and drinking with wild abandon as well as slapping on more make-up than usual, and you might find yourself despairing when you look in the mirror. You could hide behind an oversized stick-on beard and Santa hat, or you could follow our festive season skincare tips to get Christmas glow.

Be prepared

Impromptu invitations come flooding in during December, so make sure you keep a few essentials in your handbag and/or desk drawer so that you can socialise spontaneously without feeling frumpy. Arm yourself with bold lipstick, mascara, blusher or bronzer and some Neutral 0% Makeup Remover Wipes (because we all know what happens when you apply mascara in a rush…) and you’ll be ready for any exciting invites that come your way.

Keep it clean

All those late nights can mean your usual skincare regime goes out of the window, but try and find time before bed to cleanse your skin with Neutral 0% Face Wash, designed for sensitive skin. Freshening up your face might not cure your hangover, but it will perk up your skin in time for the next round of partying.

Treat your hands

Hands really suffer at this time of year too – cold weather takes it toll, as does wrapping all those presents! Grab some Neutral 0% hand cream (also available in our Winter Skin Bundle) to reduce dryness and redness. Plus, why not invest in a festive manicure? It’s the one time of year when there’s no such thing as less is more when it comes to sparkle. Gazing at your glittery nails will cheer you up when you’re feeling a bit tired and emotional too.

Aaaaand relax with our final festive season skincare tip…

When you get some respite from all that partying, embrace the opportunity for a bit of low-key festive season skincare pampering. Pour yourself a soothing mug of hot chocolate and/or mulled wine, smear on some Neutral 0% Body Lotion and plant yourself in front of the telly for some trashy festive programming. Bliss.

Enjoy your Christmas parties and indulgence through the festive season but don’t forget to look after your skin!

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