Caring for a Baby’s Sensitive Skin

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Your Baby’s Sensitive Skin

If you are a new parent, you probably have a lot of questions about your baby’s sensitive skin. How often should I bathe my baby? Is it necessary to use shampoo and should I rub my baby with lotion?

Actually, it is not that hard. It is simply a matter of getting to know your baby’s skin, and trusting your own judgement. While you’re learning what works for you and your child, here are some facts that are handy to know.

From the moment we are born, one of the most important organ is our skin. (It’s also our largest organ.) The skin protects our body against external influences such as bacteria and viruses – and regulates the body’s moisture balance. As a newborn baby’s skin is thin, it becomes dehydrated very easily and still has to produce a bacterial flora to protect the child against micro-organisms.

It is important to monitor the health of your baby’s sensitive skin from the beginning. You can reduce the risk of skin irritation by ensuring their skin stays hydrated and choosing mild, unperfumed products.

Neutral 0% offers your baby’s sensitive skin a great start, as Neutral 0% baby products contain no perfume or colourants that may cause skin irritation.

For further advice on how to care for babies with sensitive skin please refer to the following Medical Associations:



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