Benefits of Gentle Baby Massage

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Top tip for a soothing baby massage

For your baby massage, start by creating a cosy atmosphere in the room and turn on soft background music. Additionally, choose a comfortable place and limit distractions.

Before you start, we’d also recommend warming up your hands first. Rub your hands with Neutral 0% Baby Oil, it helps when you gently massage your baby. But be careful, the massage must be kept light and gentle. Look baby in the eye, grasp his legs and bicycle them while speaking softly. Younger babies like to lie in the cradle formed when you sit cross-legged.

“Did you know that a baby massage can contribute to the relationship between you and your baby? Or did you know that it can even be the solution to your baby’s stomach problems?”

Here are 3 reasons why you should try baby massage:

  1. Getting Close

    During the massage, there is a moment of closeness. This helps you to get to know your child better and to develop an even closer relationship.
  2. Improve Sleep

    Even though your baby sleeps irregularly, a baby massage can be the perfect starting point for a bed time routine. It helps your baby to relax, keep calm and fall asleep.
  3. Baby Bonding

    Babies need a lot of love and skin to skin contact to feel good. A baby massage affects your child positively with lots of cuddling and your full attention. Actually, the skin-to-skin connection helps parents and baby better communicate – without saying a word. Furthermore, it is also a great way for dads to get in on the baby-bonding act as well.

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