Autumn Skincare Advice For Surviving The Season

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Autumn skincare can be tricky whilst the weather and temperature can be changeable as we transition from summer to winter.

Here are a few autumn skincare tips to keep you and your family’s skin in great condition throughout the season:

  1. Wind, rain and red cheeks

    The changing autumn weather can impact both yours and your children’s skin. An important tip is to fight the causes of irritated skin before they occur – apply a good rich lotion (don’t forget that Neutral 0% stands for perfume and colourant-free products) as soon as the weather starts to change. Remember that the young ones are most vulnerable and prone to getting dry, itchy and red cheeks.
  2. Autumn lips

    Lips can be particularly sensitive to the weather changes between summer and autumn. So we recommend that you pay special attention to lip care this time of the year. Use a good nourishing lip balm without perfume or colourants in order to avoid dehydrated and cracked lips.
  3. Wash hands regularly

    It is the season for running noses and sneezing so teach your child to always wash their hands after blowing their nose in order not to spread bacteria and germs. Choose a good, moisturising soap without perfume and colourants to encourage your children to wash their hands without causing skin irritation.
  4. Extend the smell of summer

    When you dry your clothes outside on a windy day, the wind removes all the loose fibres from the clothes and softens the garments. Just make sure the forecast is clear!
  5. Keep your clothes fresh

    It’s time to dig out your winter wardrobe. Be conscious that clothes can stay fresher for longer if you wash your clothes correctly. Use a mild detergent without enzymes and for waterproof clothing follow the washing instructions carefully to preserve the dirt-repelling and waterproof qualities.

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