Allergy-Busting Spring Cleaning Hacks From The Professionals

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Spring cleaning is even more important when there are allergies in the family. The people at parenting toolkit TantrumXYZ bring together some invaluable tips for dust-busting…

Spring is here and, although we love the longer evenings and the chance to feel the weak sun on our vitamin-D deprived face, all that extra light shows up the dust, unfortunately.

If your family has sensitive skin or allergies such as asthma or eczema, dust and other nasties can make symptoms worse. Not only that, but some cleaning methods can actually just circulate the dust, making the symptoms worse still.

So we decided to kick off spring cleaning with some hacks from the professionals. We quizzed industry cleaning and laundry experts for their spring cleaning tips, and this is what they said…

  1. Open your windows before starting to clean

    You don’t want just to move the dust around! Throw open your windows to let the spring air circulate through your home. Open the doors too, where possible. If you’re into Feng Shui, this method is also believed to let new energy into a house – which can only be a good thing.
  2. Use a paint brush for hard-to-dust areas

    When you open your windows, you’ll see the extent of the cobwebs and dust. Use a paint brush or vacuum cleaner pipe to see them on their way.

    TIP: Use Neutral 0% sensitive hand cream on hard-worked hands
  3. Work from the top downwards

    When you’re dusting, work from the ceiling to the floor as this will help to capture any dust which makes its way down during your spring cleaning.
  4. Wash your sheets every week

    Annoying, right? But this spring, vow to stick to this rule, because of how much sweat and how many skin cells you shed each night. Cleaner sheets mean fewer irritants for sensitive skin, and therefore better sleep – and how doesn’t want that?

    TIP: Use Neutral 0% fabric softener to make ironing those sheets quicker and easier
  5. Wash your bedding too

    Wash your bedding too It’s not just sheets that need washing – if you don’t wash your pillows and duvets every few months, you’re allowing a whole load of dead skin, bugs and mite droppings to just fester there, which is really gross if you think about it. So check the care labels, load up the washing machine and get spinning. Did you know you can also tumble dry your pillows? The heat will kill bugs and the pillows will get a nice plumping-up in the process.

    TIP: If you have allergies in the family, buy Neutral 0% laundry detergent – awarded 5* by parents
  6. Use a lint roller for removing dust from lamp shades

    Lampshades are notorious for allowing allergy-baiting dust to settle, particularly the inside of a lampshade. But you can use a lint roller all over the inside and out to remove dust during your spring cleaning. As an added bonus, removing the dust will also enhance the brightness of your lamp.
  7. Rope in friends and family to help declutter

    Everyone has a friend who is a ruthless anti-hoarder! Invite them to come and help, turn up the music and get going. Reward them with dinner and free-flowing wine when the job is done. And don’t let family members off the hook: even young children can join in by going through their stuff and deciding what to keep and what to throw away.
  8. Use the ‘four box’ rule

    When you’re decluttering your house, get four boxes and mark them ‘Throw Away’, ‘Charity Shop’, ‘Sell’, and ‘Recycle’. Take the first box to the tip and the second to the charity shop, and take the take box to the sitting room and photograph each item and post them onto an internet sales site while you’re watching TV. The ‘recycle’ box will contain items you can give away to friends, some items you can take to the local recycling centre, and some which you might want to upcycle by fixing or painting. Done.

    TIP: Save money by buying Neutral 0% products in a special-offer bundle
  9. Clean grout with toothpaste

    If the grout between your tiles is looking grubby, use an old toothbrush and some toothpaste (preferably a whitening one), start scrubbing and see good results quickly!
  10. Soak showerheads with vinegar

    Get rid of those horrible black spots on your showerhead by giving the shower a good soak in white vinegar. Do this by filling a plastic bag about halfway up with white vinegar, placing it over the showerhead and tying the bag to the back of it. Leave it submerged for about 30 minutes, then remove and turn on the shower for a quick blast – job done.

Thank you to decluttering professional Lisa Kay Maria, ‘Clear Your Clutter Day’ founder Jasmine Birtles, and the experts at Laundrapp, Victorian Plumbing, and SilentNight for these brilliant tips.

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