8 Winter Skincare Tips

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We’ve pulled together 8 quick tips to help the whole family with their winter skincare. Take a moment to relax and have a read through below…

  1. Use a rich cream

    Prevent your winter skin from dehydrating, reduce irritation and maintain your skin’s moisture balance by using a rich cream. Pay extra attention to your face, elbows and feet in winter. Consider using a cream without perfume and colourants, like our Intensive Repair Cream, to help reduce the risk of skin irritation.
  2. Avoid static electricity

    During winter, the air humidity is low, which makes it a good idea to use fabric softeners to prevent static electricity in your clothes, especially in synthetic textiles. A good concentrated fabric softener also softens the clothes and makes ironing easier.
  3. Dusty decorations

    Decorations and candlesticks are often covered with dust, so be sure to dust them thoroughly before placing them around your home. By doing this, you help reduce the risk of any allergic reactions to dust mites. Wash clothes after dusting with a gentle detergent to remove any dust particles from your clothing.
  4. Use gloves and hand cream

    The skin on your hands is particularly exposed during the cold winter. Use mittens or gloves when you are outdoors so that you do not expose your skin to extreme cold directly and use a nourishing hand cream to keep them moisturised. Consider using hand cream without perfume and colourants if you have sensitive skin or allergies.
  5. Be careful with make-up

    Be careful with make-up as it may contain allergenic ingredients and could clog pores during winter. Instead, choose make up without fragrance and be sure to cleanse well at the end of the day. Remember to apply a rich face cream under the make-up to keep skin hydrated.
  6. Winter-weary lips

    Lips are particularly exposed on cold days. If your lips are very dry, you can use an old toothbrush and brush your lips before you go to bed to remove all the dead skin cells. Apply a good lip balm and allow it to work over night, your lips will feel so much better in the morning.
  7. Winter skincare for young children’s skin

    Most children with infantile eczema suffer most in winter. Apply a generous amount of a rich moisturising cream all over the body.
  8. Winter skincare for men

    Not only women and children get dry skin in winter. Most men, however, simply forget to do something about it. Consider using a face cream without perfume and colourants to help reduce the risk of skin irritation

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